In-between the devil and the deep blue sea

This is a follow up piece to 'Charon', another assignment for a creative writing university module. Whilst my first piece was meant for description, with a larger word limit; my intent was to explore the relationships between characters as well as try some dialogue. 6:66- Voices trickled in and out of his awareness, slipping through [...]


Charon, ferryman of Hades

This a creative writing piece I did for a university module. It's based on Greek mythology, my intent was to explore the 'character' of Charon who is the ferryman of Hades; taking souls across the River Styx through hell for judgement. An 'Obolous' being a silver coin that would be placed onto the tongue of [...]

A lifetime in Billy’s shoes

A few years back when I was fairly young, I was looking at creative prompts for some inspiration for writing. Trying to find something that wasn't too easy, I picked a picture. There was a photo, a pair of men's brown brogues. The prompt said to write a story featuring a pair of brown brogues, [...]

Nice to meet you, I’m Rebecca.

Thanks for taking a minute to check out my page. For a little information on me, I'm currently studying an English degree at University. I love rain, dancing, taking Polaroids I can't afford; and I have a complicated on/off relationship with peanut butter. I'll mostly be using this page to post creative writing pieces, prose [...]